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    I make use of the Access utility "Upsizing Wizard" to convert Access DB to SQL... but it keeps giving me a message "Overflow". What does it mean and how do I resolve it?

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    Yep, as it does for us all. Make sure to install Office SR-1 before doing this (if you havent already)<BR><BR>Change these 3 files from<BR><BR>Acwzlib.mde <BR>Acwzmain.mde <BR>Acwztool.mde <BR><BR>**** to ****<BR><BR>Acwzlib.OLD<BR>Acwzmain.OLD<BR>Acwztoo l.OLD<BR><BR>(they should be in Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice1033)<BR>if not, just search for them. Then download the "Access 2000 and SQL Server 2000 Readiness Update" here:<BR><BR><BR>all better.....<BR><BR>

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