Resume of LYLE E. COOPER <BR> 1347 E 62nd St Tulsa, OK 74136 (918) 712-5317 <BR><BR>WORK TeleCom Engineer, WorldCom, 6929 N. Lakewood<BR>EXPERIENCE Tulsa, OK 74117 Nov 98 - Current <BR> Database Manager, SQL and Microsoft Access<BR> Designed and built database<BR>Published database with ASP, currently being used<BR> on company Intranet<BR>Published database with ColdFusion<BR>Wrote program to convert Lotus Notes database to SQL <BR> Converted Lotus Notes database to production SQL database<BR>Much experience with MS Excel, write Visual Basic programs to extend Excel capabilities <BR>. Use AutoCad 2000 to draw and modify building plans<BR> Electrician, Oklahoma Electrical Supply / INFOSYS<BR> Telecom work at WorldCom Dec 97 – Nov 98<BR> Electrician, Colburn electric, 829 west Elgin<BR>Broken Arrow, OK 74012 July 95 – Dec 97<BR> Electrician, Champion Electric Pullman, WA Maintenance Worker, Forestry Sciences Laboratory, <BR>Moscow, Idaho July 1978-1994 (Retired)<BR> Performed journeyman level work in electrical, carpentry, roofing, plumbing, steam-fitting, painting and refrigeration trades<BR>Managed Utility Systems-energy conservation -Honeywell controls <BR> Performed all maintenance and preventive maintenance of buildings and grounds<BR> Supervised and trained employees and janitors<BR> Planned and constructed new warehouse<BR> Constructed new chemical storage building<BR> Designed and built a supervised fire alarm system for all laboratory buildings<BR> Designed and installed an automatic lawn sprinkling system for 2 acres of lawn.<BR> Installed new telephone system, including wiring to all offices.<BR> Installed new computer system including wiring to every office and connection to a mini computer and a data switch<BR> Received outstanding employee cash award in 1981 and 1994<BR>Received suggestion award in 1993<BR> Designed and installed new multistage electronic heating and cooling control system for research greenhouses.<BR> Designed and installed electronic cipher-lock entry and security system for several buildings<BR><BR><BR>BUSINESS Marketed U.S. Sprint, 1986. <BR>EXPERIENCE Marketed U.S.I Telecom&#039; services 1987-1989<BR> Marketed Excel Telecom&#039; services 1994-1995<BR><BR>MILITARY Ten years in Air Force Reserve Civil Engineering as an electrical <BR>EXPERIENCE planner. Retired 1998<BR> Master Sergeant, Air Force Reserve as a civil engineering electrical planner; 1987-1994 <BR> Ten years of experience in electrical and electronic equipment maintenance and instructor; 1967-1978 <BR> Worked with an electronic engineer for one month at Raytheon on research and development of Patriot Missile system; 1977<BR> Worked for two years at White Sands Missile Range on research and development of new Patriot Missile system; 1976-1978<BR> Performed as Maintenance Chief of entire radar complex consisting of six complete radar systems while in Germany; 1974-1975<BR> Supervised several maintenance technicians while serving as Maintenance Chief 1974-1975<BR> Instructed at military school for two years 1969-1971<BR> Received several awards as outstanding soldier<BR><BR>EDUCATION Bachelor of Science Degree in Business, December 1984 University of University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho 1978-1984 <BR> Business Management major <BR> Attended New Mexico State University, Las Cruses, New Mexico; Saint Leo College, Saint Leo, Florida; Marion College, Marion Indiana <BR> Financed entire education<BR><BR>MILITARY Attended four military schools for total of over two years electronics<BR>EDUCATION training<BR> Graduated as Honor Graduate of two military schools<BR> Graduated in top five percent of all military schools<BR><BR>INTERESTS Experienced on IBM Personal Computer<BR>SOCIAL Served on church board for three years<BR>DEVELOPMENT Volunteer social worker<BR><BR>REFERENCES Available upon request. Please call for more<BR> information: 918-712-5317 <BR><BR> George Mow 10 years 918-492-9911<BR> <BR> <BR><BR>