I have a page located at www.comesee.it/damicodatabase/orders.asp that leads <BR>to a orderdetail page.. <BR><BR>On the orderdetail page I have a repeat region with a radio button at the <BR>end of the row. I have a submit button that goes to a confirmation page that <BR>have used "Request.form" to get 4 fields that I have to update. <BR><BR>I have inserted the 4 fields into a table and I have added 4 hidden fields <BR>in a form. I have then added a submit button and the "insert record" server <BR>behavior and linked each hidden field to the correct field in the table that <BR>I want to update. When I try to use the form I only see the buttons.. <BR><BR>.I have tried using "update records" and still receive a blank page but I do <BR>believe this is the right choice? I get a error at line 111 and that is the <BR>execute line for the update query... <BR><BR>How do I tell the confirm page to only take the data from the line that the <BR>radio button is checked? I had tried to follow the tutorial at 4 guys for <BR>multiple updates.. but I could not seem to apply it to this case. <BR>Thanks for any advice <BR>Michael <BR>