Is this considered a bad thing? I posted some code below, I don&#039;t see what the issue is but I have heard from a few sources that exiting a loop before it has finished is considered bad programming.<BR><BR>I am interested in your opinion.<BR>Thanks<BR>Ian<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim sAgent<BR>sAgent = Request.ServerVariables ( "HTTP_USER_AGENT" )<BR>sAgent = LCase ( sAgent )<BR><BR>If ( IsKnownBrowser( sAgent ) ) Then<BR><BR> do something...<BR><BR>End If<BR><BR>Function IsKnownBrowser ( sAgent )<BR><BR> Dim sBrowsersArray, nBrowsersLoop, oRegEx, bIsKnownBrowser<BR> <BR> Set oRegEx = New RegExp &#039;create regular expression<BR> oRegEx.IgnoreCase = true &#039;set case sensitivity.<BR> sBrowsersArray = Array ( "mozilla", "opera" )<BR><BR> For nBrowsersLoop = 0 To Ubound( sBrowsersArray )<BR><BR> oRegEx.Pattern = sBrowsersArray( nBrowsersLoop ) &#039;set pattern<BR> bIsKnownBrowser = oRegEx.Test( sAgent ) &#039;execute the search test<BR> <BR> If ( bIsKnownBrowser ) Then<BR><BR> Exit For<BR><BR> End If<BR><BR> Next<BR><BR> IsKnownBrowser = bIsKnownBrowser<BR><BR> Set oRegex = Nothing<BR><BR>End Function &#039;IsKnownBrowser<BR>%&#062;