Hi im new to ASP.NET programming and as such im having problems with the following. <BR><BR>Prob 1: <BR>Basically i have 2 listboxes, listbox1 contains a databound list which can be selected and either "Added" or "removed" from listbox2, by selecting the listbox1 item and clicking on either add or remove. <BR><BR>How do i go about coding for the selection of the listbox1.selectedItem to allow it to be added to listbox2, and removed from listbox2 also? <BR><BR>Prob 2: <BR>Using NTLM authentication once listbox2 has been saved everytime the user logs onto the page, all the properties that were last selected and added into listbox 2 will be recalled from a SQL database, and repopulate listbox2. <BR>How? <BR>Ideally there will be no login or cookies to authenticate the user, IIS will just be queeried and the user authenticated and all the relevant info loaded up. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance. My head is hurting bad after several days of mulling this over alread. <BR><BR>Sean<BR><BR>