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    Hi Folks,<BR> Sorry for asking the same themed question again. I am writing an excel sheet. I need to know how to insert a row. I have been trying the following with no luck:<BR><BR>duosdoc.Worksheets("sheet1").Range("i " & rowcount).select<BR> duosdoc.Worksheets("sheet1").Range("i" & rowcount).activate <BR><BR> activecell.EntireRow.Insert<BR><BR> &#039;duosdoc.Worksheets("sheet1").Range("I1:I10") .select<BR> &#039; Select.EntireRow.Insert<BR> &#039; duosdoc.Worksheets("sheet1").Range("i" & rowcount).EntireRow.Insert<BR> &#039;duosdoc.Worksheets("sheet1").Range("i" & rowcount).Insert(Shift :="xlDown")<BR><BR>Any help would be much appreciated.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Neil.

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    Hi Neil,<BR><BR>You&#039;ve obviously posted this along time ago and already have the answer, but I&#039;m bored so I thought I&#039;d write some crap here to amuse myself. Anyway, there are some really, really indepth and some beginner articles on the MSDN website. If you check it out it will answer all your Excel needs :)<BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/billgatesnaked.aspx<BR><BR>(just kidding about the page, but the url is correct :P)<BR><BR><BR>Jonny Tooze

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