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    Hi Folks,<BR> I am creating an excel file. However I do not know how many rows of data I will be inserting. Does anyone know how I insert an extra row dynamically? I am trying to do it the following way:<BR><BR> duosdoc.Worksheets("sheet1").Range("I1:I10").selec t<BR> Selection.EntireRow.Insert<BR><BR>However I get the error message that Selection has not been declared. If I do declare selection as a avariable it then tells me an object is required. Any help is much appreciated. <BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Neil

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    You will probably need somewhere to say:<BR>Set Selection = duosdoc.Worksheets("sheet1").Row("1").select<BR><B R>Or something...<BR><BR>At the moment, "Select" is nothing. It&#039;s just a variable. It&#039;s not a reference to a row, which is what it must be for that set of code to work.<BR><BR>Craig.

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