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    So I&#039;m wondering, what are the chances of being able to create a standalone executable using the .NET framework.<BR><BR>I know other programs (python for instance) which generally require an interpreter can be made to create programs as standalones.<BR><BR>I know the big advantage of .NET is being able to run on different computer configurations, but it would still be nice for now until the .NET platform is more ubiquitous to be able to just pack up the needed classes and send it out.<BR><BR>Has anyone heard of anyone working on such a venture?<BR><BR>--chajadan

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    With the .net framework you can also run Windows Forms Application, which is your standalone .exe. However, on each machine that you want the app to run you have to have the .net framework installed.<BR><BR>The windows forms executables are more geared toward the enterprize level applications.

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