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    I have a function written in VB script.<BR>I&#039;m calling this function on &#060;body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" onLoad="Reminder()"&#062;<BR><BR>but I want to call this function when the user opens the website in the beginning. Now whats happening is when the user press the back button and come to this page its calling this function also when user refreshes the function is called. How can I prevent this so that only once the function is called.

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    i would easily make an index.asp that calls the function then redirect the user to the main web page. so the homepage base is not index.asp. mabey start.asp. so if someone calls your domain, he enters index.asp the function is called and he will never again have to visit index.asp for that session. <BR><BR>or you use a session that stores that the user has already used the function.<BR><BR>is it possible to call an VB function with the body on load event? how does this work?<BR><BR>alex

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    Default Sure it is...

    It&#039;s client side VBScript. Why you&#039;r use it, outside of an intranet, I&#039;m not sure, &#039;cause it&#039;s only supported on IE...<BR><BR>But the reason that it works is that it is client-side, not ASP.

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