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    I have a simple question for you.<BR><BR>I am working with an exisiting database and I want to be able to add and display records to that file.<BR><BR>In the database, the field stores either 1 or 2. However, when I display the data, I want 1 to display "XX" and 2 to display "YY". This is not a problem.<BR><BR>My newbie question is this. When someone adds a new record through an ASP file, they are going to enter XX or YY. I have no problem converting them to either 1 or 2 if they are XX or YY. However, if they enter xx or Xx or something, I am not sure of the best way. I would think I would want to do something to the entered value to convert it to Upper Case, but I am not sure how that is done.<BR><BR>Thank you.<BR><BR>Hank

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    You can use either of the events Onblur or Onchange to check for the Ascii value of x or y and change it to upper case if required accordingly...

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    Dim MyVar=whatever<BR>MyVar=Ucase(MyVar)<BR> then check for conversion

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