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    OK, i&#039ve installed the latest PWS. Now I want to play with ASP files however, if I open a .asp file nothing happes. Even following tutorials. <BR>What am I doing wrong? <BR>Do I have to load an ASP program or file extensions ?<BR>Should I alter the status of a directory to give read write permissions?<BR>I hope to build a web form that returns a graph and a table from an Excel 97 file. OK it&#039s not ODBC or SQL, is this a big deal ?<BR>There is absolutely no reference to the scenario everywhere I&#039ve looked?<BR>Sorry, though wildly enthusiastic, i&#039m not a programmer (yet!)some help and encouragnet would be well received.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Huey

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    To get your asp pages to work in PWS you&#039ll need to load the ASP engine (as I call it) you should find it in the PWS folders some where or on the CD that it came from. Search for asp.exe thats the one you need to install.<BR><BR>You will also need to give execute rights to the directory that you store your scripts in.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Pete

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    Just had this problem solved. I had Front Page 98 pop up every time I tried to run an asp script. I was running PWS also. On the Front Page cd, or you can download from Microsofts site, you run asp.exe and voila my problem was solved. You are right this info isnt in any of my books either. I had to go to Microsofts online help!<BR>good luck,<BR>Marianne

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