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    I have a if statement that checks for a group number<BR><BR>if groupid=1 then <BR>...<BR><BR>elseif groupid=2 then<BR>...<BR><BR>else<BR>...<BR>end if<BR><BR>There are some customers that don&#039;t have a groupid, will they go past the first 2 conditions and go to the 3rd condition "else"??<BR>Should I have another elseif to check for non-existing groupid? If so, how can I write a condition for the elseif? Is it (else if groupid="") ??<BR>

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    Default easiest way to learn is to just try it....

    test it out and you should be able to figure this one out yourself...!

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    Default Talk it out loud... it's like literature ...

    It reads like an English phrase...<BR><BR>If it rains today<BR> you should stay in<BR>But if it snows<BR> you go skiing<BR>Otherwise, <BR> Just go out and bike<BR><BR>SQL is similar to this... don&#039;t you just love English 101?<BR><BR>-Vadim C.

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