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    Sorry to place an off-topic post. but i need an answer on this fast. perhaps, along with answering my question, someone could suggest a good css message board for me to use with subsequent css questions.<BR><BR>my problem is that i am trying to figure out how to create specifications for link colors in the body tag. i obviously know how to do this in html. but the problem comes when i try to specify it in CSS-1. The documentation that i have conveniently fails to mention how to do this essential task. and as a result, my links are coming out all wrong.<BR><BR>the css code for my body tag is currently:<BR><BR>BODY { background: yellow }<BR><BR>can anyone show me how to fix it so that the links are yellow on the screen? the links are in blue tables, so there will not be a problem with visibility as long as i can simply get the link color specified

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    a {<BR> color: yellow;<BR>}<BR><BR>

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