newbie here with a couple of questions. The two could potentially be intertwined, I guess, so one might answer the other.<BR><BR>1) Is there an easy way to reset a form back to its original state? I have no idea what code to put behind a &#039;Clear Form&#039; button.<BR><BR>2) I am using MS&#039;s TabStrip. <BR><BR>Should I declare my form outside of the tabstrip (creating a single form), or should I declare one form for each tab within the PageView? <BR><BR>I am concerned about a user entering information on one tab, switching to another tab, entering more information and submitting contradictory search criteria. However, I do have some common elements to the forms that are outside the &#039;tabs&#039;, so it would be most convenient to have the buttons outside the tabs.<BR><BR>Thanks for your consideration.