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    Hi,<BR><BR>I develop an ASP site with VBScript and VB ActiveX (loaded on MTS).<BR>I created an ActiveX which contains the method :<BR>public sub ServerInfo(byval param1 as string, byref param2 as long)<BR>My component is normally registered.<BR>In my ASP page, i wrote :<BR><BR>dim myobj, mystring, mylong<BR>set myobj = server.createobject("MyActiveX.MyClass")<BR>mystri ng="abcd"<BR>mylong=0<BR>myobj.ServerInfo mystring, mylong<BR>response.write "mylong=" & mylong<BR><BR>Logically i do have 5 in my variable &#039mylong&#039, because my method updates this value.<BR>But i still get 0, and after this call, the following error occured :<BR>Error 13 Type Mismatch<BR>VBScript Runtime Error<BR><BR>In fact, my method ServerInfo is not executed !!!<BR><BR>Why ? <BR>if somebody knows the issue, thank you...<BR><BR>PS: sorry for my poor English... :-)<BR>

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    There are several possibilities:<BR><BR>- Your variables in the DLL code does not match the output type (note: output not input)<BR>- Your parameters does not match the declarations of the proc call (noramlly if you use ByVal it should be ok)<BR>- You call the wrong function in DLL code regarding server info, so your params are compromise... <BR><BR>Hope this give you some help.<BR><BR>

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