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Thread: DSN vs. filepath with Access

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    harold Guest

    Default DSN vs. filepath with Access

    What is the advantage, if any, of connecting to an Access database using a DSN based connect string instead of file-path based connect string?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Mark Vick -mnmvick@kc.net Guest

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    Well, depends on your circumstances. I assume you mean to ask between System DSN, and a DSN-Less connection. I prefer System DSN, so that when I test on my local machine, I don&#039t update the database in my website, and then it gets published to the server on accident (but I guess that FrontPage 2000 has a solution for this). Currently, my local System DSN just points to the backup files I have on my hard drive, while the real one on the server points into my website (they don&#039t have a seperat area for databases, plus this lets me attach right to the server and grab my DB whenever I need to.)<BR><BR>But, just about everything I read says that a DSN-Less connection is faster, plus you will not have to worry about contacting your provider to have them set it up for you (could delay you up to a week like it did me).<BR><BR>Of course, if the file structure of your provider is different than yours, you need to dynamically choke up the path (easy enough) because you may be working on the C drive at home, and it is probably the D drive at the server. You need also to kow the ENTIRE path, and those guys can have funny subdirectory structures. (it may be something else - like R, too).<BR><BR>Does that help? At all? :)

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