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    Hello.<BR><BR>I am using a third-party Jscript to create a Windows style navigational menu (like<BR><BR>The original Script required clicks to drop the menu, and I was able do change it so that is uses OnMouseOver and OnMouseOut so that clicks are not required.<BR><BR>However, it is not acting quite like I want it to.<BR><BR>Here is an example of what I have:<BR><BR>Menu 1 &#124 Menu 2 &#124 Menu 3<BR><BR><BR>When I move my mouse over &#039Menu 1&#039, the menu does indeed drop, like so:<BR><BR><BR>Menu 1 &#124 Menu 2 &#124 Menu 3<BR>------<BR>Item 1<BR>Item 2<BR>Item 3<BR><BR><BR>Now, I would like the dropped portion of the menu to disapear when I move off any part of it (i.e. moving the mouse to the right and off the dropped part of the menu). However, the only way I can have that menu disapear is to either move up over the &#039Menu 1&#039 label or over one of the other &#039Menu&#039 labels.<BR><BR>Should I be using something other than &#039OnMouseOut&#039? Or will I need to change the code?<BR><BR>I can send the actual J-Script and HTML to anyone who would like to see it. If you have any solutions, or you want to look at the code, please e-mail me at (all zeros).<BR><BR>Thank you.

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    I have the same problem like you do. I am still struggling in that. I have another question for you: Do you use frame for the drop-down menu(suppose it locates on the top frame (height 10%) of the screen? If you do so, the drop-down menu will not overlap frame if the menu is quite long. What would you do if you want to frame the menu? The only thing I can do now is to reserve enough space for the drop-down menu.<BR><BR>Thanx,<BR>Min

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