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    I tried posting this in the &#039;ASP Jobs&#039; section but got no replies as of yet. I am in need of a code that will perform a database task for me, and have tried various things but no luck with it on my own. I am of course willing to pay for this work. I know this is not the place to post this, but seeing as there is substantial traffic I am hoping someone will respond sooner. The posting in &#039;ASP Jobs&#039; goes like this:<BR><BR>Code needed for an asp page that will do the following: <BR><BR>This code would be used as part of a greeting page on a password protected area. When a user successfuly logs in, the server variables AUTH_USER and AUTH_PASSWORD become available and they need to be used to retrieve other user specific information from an Access database and make it available for display on the greeting page. In this case I need to retrieve the users expiry date and display it each time they log on as part of the greeting page. In short, after login and as the first (greeting) page is being generated, I need a code that will use the server variables AUTH_USER and AUTH_PASSWORD to retrieve and display the expiry date. <BR><BR>Any physical reference can be used for the database location, I will adjust that myself, the name of the database is &#039;dBase01&#039;, the table is &#039;users&#039; and the column from which information is required &#039;Expire&#039;. The reference (criteria) columns are &#039;Username&#039; & &#039;Password&#039; from the same table. <BR><BR>I am in a bit of a rush for this, any response would be greatly appreciated. <BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default I replied, but it's moderated...

    ... and won&#039;t show for a couple of days.<BR><BR>E-mail me at

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