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    Default Urgent - need advice

    nah, it&#039;s not urgent but it&#039;s nice to see how people repond to those really URGENT questions...<BR><BR>Has anyone used an help authoring tool (except that stupid MS product) ?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve evaluated Robohelp and it seems quite good (it&#039;s a bit expensive but works good) and also Doc-to-help wich is cheaper but made less impression on me.<BR><BR>Anyone used a tool they want to recommend/have had experience with?

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    Default Monkey Wrench<eop>


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    Default I knew someone who used..

    .. Robohelp and couldn&#039;t find the help in it. Or something like that.<BR><BR>Maybe it wasn&#039;t Robohelp, but it WAS a help-file authoring tool.<BR><BR>Which IMO is pretty funny.

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