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    Ok guys, I seem to be having problems with with an sql statement I am executing:<BR><BR>vSQL "SELECT startdt FROM calender WHERE startdt=#" & Date & "#"<BR><BR>Basically it doesn&#039;t return any records<BR><BR>I&#039;ve created a query within the database using the same sql except inserting today&#039;s date. <BR><BR>The problem I have found is that it will return records when searcing using 22/05/2002 but won&#039;t return anything when searching using 22/05/02<BR><BR>How can I get around this problem, ultimately I assume this problem has occured because I am using the short date format in Access.<BR><BR>MY QUESTION IS: How can I get VB to return the date in the dd/mm/yyyy format?

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    Default Great article on 4Guys...

    ...back in February. Look for it.<BR><BR>Talks about using the ISO date format, that works on most any DB.<BR><BR>Access, incidentally, *ONLY* accepts USA format dates...excepting that it *does* accept ISO standard!<BR><BR>

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