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    Hi<BR><BR>My script is inserting a couple of simple values and a generated &#060;option&#062;-list into records of my Access db. Does anyone know of a good way of treating the &#060;option&#062; items ? Like a dropdown-list in access or something simular ? At the time I only get the full html-code in one line inserted in the respective record, wich isn&#039t very easy to administrate and look up afterwards.<BR><BR>Any good suggestions ?<BR><BR>Regards, Espen

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    Mark Vick Guest

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    If you are trying to dump a bunch of records from an Access DB into an option list, I can help you with that - I am a bit cofused about what you are asking. I use this method on a site that I built, and so to change allthe options lists on all the pages, I just add a record to the database like "Joe Smith" and Joe Smith is instantly a new option choice on all pages from then on. Of course, deleting options is just as easy.

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    Epsen Guest

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    Sorry about not beeing clear; I have a shopping-cart, wich on the respective page displays a form with name, adress, etc. and an asp-generated option-list with the items the user have selected. I want to insert all of this info in to a db, the text-boxes are of course no problem, but I&#039m looking for a good solution regarding the option-list, to store this list in the same record as the text boxes. If you or anybody can help me with a good solution please respond on email at "", because I&#039m going on a vaction.<BR><BR>Thanks, Epsen.

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    This works in VBScript for a yes/no pair of radio buttons both named &#039live&#039. Us the VB collection syntax and the checked property to get the one you want. This will scale to n options.<BR><BR>If InputForm.Live(0).Checked = True Then<BR>Live = True<BR>Else<BR>Live = False<BR>End IF

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    I should also say the options were in a form named inputform, thus needed the reference

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