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    Hey all. Probably a very basic question, but I would like to tackle this the best way possible: Do you think it would be best to organize items that fit into categories & sub-categories with the item&#039;s data itself, or put the categories in their own table? An example:<BR>Dogs -&#062; St. Bernard -&#062; Fluffy<BR>Dogs -&#062; Doberman -&#062; Zeus<BR>Cats -&#062; Persian -&#062; Snowball<BR><BR>Should I put the main category in it&#039;s own table, with relational ID links to the sub category, which relate to ID&#039;s in the table that holds the actual data?:<BR>Table MAIN<BR>ID,Name<BR>Table SUB<BR>ID,MainID,Name<BR>Table DATA<BR>ID,SubID,Name,Weight,Color,etc<BR><BR>Or, just have one table that does it all:<BR>Table DATA<BR>ID, Name, MainName, SubName, Weight, Color, etc<BR><BR>The info will be displayed like:<BR>Dogs<BR> Doberman<BR> Zeus<BR> St. Bernard<BR> Fluffy<BR>Cats<BR> Persian<BR> Snowball<BR>Which is easiest (best?), in your opinion?<BR>thx<BR>~~Chaotix<BR>

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    break it all down into separate tables

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