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    Jef Guest

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    Does anyone have experience with sharing FileMaker Data via ODBC/ADO/ASP ?<BR>The ODBC drivers work perfectly - however, I don&#039t seem to get the connectionstring right...<BR><BR>thanx for any help!

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    scott reed Guest

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    I am also just starting to work with Filemaker Pro 5 Unlimited and have everything set up but can&#039t seem to use the normal ASP connection specifying a DSN. I can&#039t find much documentation on this so, if you come across anything it would be a big help. I&#039m not use to Filemaker because you don&#039t have separate tables within each database so I assume in your SQL you just give the database in place of the table name. I&#039m not even getting that far though because I get an error "Can&#039t create Active X object" at the line where I try to open the connection specifying the DSN. Not sure what the problem is.

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