I&#039;m creating a web application, and I decided to look into Crystal Reports for the first time.<BR><BR><BR>1) I created a quick report (x.rtp) based on a table.<BR><BR>2) I d&d a ReportDocument (from toolbox&#062;components) onto my aspx page.<BR><BR>3) I pointed the ReportDocument to my rpt file. (It automatically appeared in a dropdownbox for me to select.)<BR><BR>4) I d&d a CrystalReportsViewer (from toolbox&#062;webforms) onto my aspx page.<BR><BR>5) I now see the gray box that represents the Viewer on my page, and the ReportDocument down below my page.<BR><BR>6) I set the CrystalReportsViewer&#039;s ReportSource property to my ReportDocument.<BR><BR>7) I now see the report as it will appear in the browser.<BR><BR>8) When I run the app, in the browser I see the gray box I saw in step 5?<BR><BR><BR>There are no errors.<BR><BR>Can anyone help?