I have a (german version)Access-DB on a Server in the U.S. with fields in the "dd;m;jj" format, and, openend within Access, displays it correctly: 17.5.00<BR> <BR>However, the ASP-page displays it as 05.17.00, because ADO seems to take the Date-Format of the Webserver (wich is in the U.S..). How can I change the diplay to 17.5.00 without running on every occasion this VBScript-routine:<BR><BR>DBDate = rs.Fields("date")<BR>DayDate = Day(DBDate)<BR>MonthDate = Month(DBDate)<BR>YearDate = Year(DBDate)<BR>ShowDate = DayDate & "." & MonthDate & "." & YearDate<BR><BR>The VBScript is not fun, because the diplayed Date is also the Link to update the DB!<BR>Isn&#039t there a different way to tell the Browser to display it in European Format? <BR>See this example at:<BR>http://jcuster.ch/intern/wopla/frame.htm<BR><BR>Thanks for any help!<BR>Stephan Brun :-)