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Thread: Conditional Statements While Using <asp:Repea

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    Does anyone know hoe to use conditionals with a Repeater. I have a few fields in my database that could possibly have a NULL value, and i dont want this displayed if this is the case...<BR><BR>Remember in classic ASP you could do ;<BR><BR>&#060;% if not rstitle("link") = NULL then %&#062;<BR>display link <BR>&#060;% else %&#062;<BR>dont display link <BR>&#060;% end if %&#062;<BR><BR>how do I do this with the Container.DataItem("link") command?<BR><BR>I just get an error message when I use the old syntax...<BR><BR>.net newbie here so apologies if any of this doesnt make sense.<BR><BR>d.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am having the same problem..I guess we have to use the ItemCreated event of the repeater control. Please let me know if you have come out with a solution and so will I<BR><BR>RAM

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