Hi,<BR><BR>The below script is at the end of an activePDF function. It writes the Binary Image to the browser.<BR><BR>It only works if I access the page directly.<BR><BR>If I submit a form on a previous page which posts to the page containing the below code - the page does not display the binary data unless I refresh the page.<BR><BR>I thought I was doing it the right way ?!! Any ideas why its not working for me?<BR><BR>zz = PDF.BinaryImage<BR>Response.expires = 0 <BR>Response.clear<BR>response.ContentType = "application/pdf"<BR>response.AddHeader "Content-Type", "application/pdf"<BR>response.AddHeader "Content-Disposition", "inline; filename=test.pdf"<BR>response.BinaryWrite zz<BR>set PDF = nothing<BR>Response.end<BR><BR>