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    I use the cdont object to send emails. Everything worked fine<BR>on my development PC. I transfered my asp project to an<BR>other NT4.0 server SP 5.<BR><BR>Every second time i use the cdont object I will get this error message:<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a0046&#039<BR>Permission denied <BR><BR>any help?<BR>

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    Sorry ,instead of answering your question i am asking my doubt,i hope you won&#039t mind.<BR>Well i am trying to use the CODNTS mail component.Everything is working fine,but the problem is that all the mails sent from my machine are being stuck in the Queue folder into Outlook express.But we in our Company are using Netscape Messenger as the Mail sending tool.Can you tell me what all settings i have to change.I have been trying many things,but to no avail.I hope you will help me.Sorry once again.<BR>Tahnks in advance

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    Whenever you use CdOnts to send email from asp pages u have to have write permissions on the Server. Because when an email is generated it creates afile on the sever. Give appropriate permissions and u should be fine!!<BR><BR>Lina<BR><BR>

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