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    My company would like to implement a book recommendation feature on our website. (Like what does: if you like book x, you might like book y.) Currently, we have a page with general book categories (driven by a category table). When the user clicks on a category, a query string sends them to a page with all of the books in that category. Then, if they click on a specific book title, a query string using the category id and the book id takes them to that specific book's page (driven by a book table.)...this is where we'd like to have the recommendations show up. I have a VERY limited knowledge of SQL and Access (we use Access 2000.) Any suggestions as to how to go about this? Thanks!

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    Default Many to many table

    TABLE: Recommendations<BR>-- fromID : foreign key to books table<BR>-- recommendID : foreign key to books table<BR><BR>So you know the book ID of the book the user just chose, yes?<BR><BR>So you get the recommendations that relate to it thus:<BR><BR>SELECT title, author, id <BR>FROM books, recommendations<BR>WHERE recommendations.fromID = &#039;... id of book you are displaying...&#039;<BR>AND = recommendations.recommendID<BR><BR>Simple as that. Since it&#039;s a many-to-many table, there is no fixed number of recommendations per book. One might have none. Another might have two dozen. <BR><BR>

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