2 asp site on one server? Application vars problem

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Thread: 2 asp site on one server? Application vars problem

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    I currently have a asp site running that uses application vars and session vars. I wanted to setup a copy of the site on the same server so I could do some testing.<BR><BR>Once I&#039;d copied the files over and setup the port settings for accessing it I tried to run one of the copied scripts but all I got back was "HTTP/1.1 Application Restarting" and the original site stopped too.<BR><BR>I then rebooted and tried to access the copied site again, worked fine this time but the original would not work then. Another reboot and I tried the orinial which worked but now the copy won&#039;t. Seems I can only have one of them running at once, anyone know how I can get around this?<BR><BR>They use application vars that are named the same but hold different connection strings for my databases.<BR><BR>Pete

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    The directory each site is running in matters, because you can tell IIS that a certain directory contains an "Application". In the properties of the website, select the "Home Directory" tab and look at the Application Settings. You need to set up each website as an application, so that it doesn&#039;t share scope with any other web. Defing the same name for an application might cause problems too, not sure. try that. it might be your problem.<BR><BR>~~Chaotix

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