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    Mathew James Guest

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    Hi 4guys,<BR> I have to run an asp page automatically say daily once without browsing it.So I plan to use Windows Scripting Hosts.According to that I made one page called autorun.vbs. I have downloaded wsdoc.exe from microsoft site also.<BR><BR>Now If I am installing this in my local server and If I want to run the autorun.vbs in another remote server, what should I do ?<BR>(My plan is to install the wsdoc.exe in my local server and using that I want to run the page autorun.vbs in the site where my application is running which is in a different server.)<BR>Please help me in doing this...<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance,<BR>Mathews James.<BR>(Bangalore)

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    Jesus Guest

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    Hi Mathew,<BR>Windows Scripting Host lets you execute an script in a console instead of the web server. If you want to execute an script in a remote server without using the web server, I think you will have to install also Windows Scripting Host in that server and schedule the execution of the script.

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