<BR><BR><B R>Hi! <BR><BR>I am trying to call an access macro from ASP which in turn will email. I wrote my own code and then was pointed to Xander Sherry&#039;s code snippet from egghead cafe to see if it would give me the same error - which it does. <BR><BR>The asp & vbscript recognizes the macro but I keep getting an error - 800a08F5 - &#039;MS Access can&#039;t send a message for the reason stated in the preceding alert&#039;. I&#039;ve set all changes as stated in the article by Robert Chisholm from and am not getting any of those errors so far. <BR><BR>The code that is getting the error is: <BR><BR>objAccess.DoCmd.RunMacro macroName <BR><BR>It stops on this every time - in the code snippet and in my own version. <BR><BR>Is there something that I have to set in Access??? I&#039;ve searched for this error on the web but it doesn&#039;t seem to exist. <BR><BR>** Xanderno wrote back stating this wasn&#039;t an error... due to the security patch for Outlook 98 - however, I don&#039;t have this patch installed. Not sure where to go from here...<BR><BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated. <BR>Thanks, <BR>Suz