Hi, is there anyone know the answer to this problem:<BR>In my site, there is a link to a file with address as follows:<BR><BR>http://members.xoom.com/QuinqSoft/files/CoolDecode.zip<BR><BR>Recently, I think xoom.com started to prohibit anybody download any files from their server, if the page that contain the link to the file is not located on xoom.com&#039s servers. Since my page is placed not in the xoom.com, the above link will generate the 404 message.<BR><BR>Now, what make me wonder is, there&#039s another page (also not inside the xoom.com&#039s server) that contain excatly the same link as above, and the link worked fine there. The webmaster use .pl, so I guess there must be some trick to make the link work.<BR><BR>So, is there anybody know just how to do the similar trick under .asp?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Lawrence Eka.<BR>