Hi<BR><BR>I use MS Data Access Components 2.1 within the .net framework. I came across some very strange behaviour: When I set a query with two prameters, I have to assing the values to the parameters in the order they appear in the query, otherwise the parameters get somehow switched. Example:<BR><BR>string sqlQuery = "select Attribute1 from Test where Attribute2 = @Param1 and Attribute3 = @Param2";<BR>myCommand = new OleDbCommand(sqlQuery, myConnection);<BR>myCommand.Parameters.Add(new OleDbParameter("@Param2", OleDbType.Integer)).Value = 2;<BR>myCommand.Parameters.Add(new OleDbParameter("@Param1", OleDbType.Integer)).Value = 3;<BR>myConnection.Open();<BR>myReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader();<BR>if(myReader.Read()) lbl1.Text = myReader["Attribute1"].ToString();<BR><BR>returns the wrong row(s), where Attribute2 = 2 and Attribute3 = 3 instead of The row(s) with Attribute2 = 3 and Attribute3 = 2. <BR><BR>Anybody read until here? great! Got an idea? I just can&#039;t believe that&#039;s the way things should work...<BR><BR>Greetings Didosa<BR>www.loom.biz