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    Hi all...<BR><BR>This IS off-topic, so if you&#039;d like, you may email me back directly..<BR><BR>But I&#039;m wondering the following. As I now have clients who wish to get their asp sites online...they&#039;ve all asked me if I do that thru my own company?<BR><BR>And so far, no I don&#039;t. I buy them space on a server, and then teach them how to FTP their files....<BR><BR>But what I&#039;m wondering now is -- could I?<BR><BR>Can anyone point me to a site where I could learn what&#039;s involved, the costs, the necessary skillset needed to do same etc.?<BR><BR>Thanks...I figure many of you here already have done this..and would help out a newbie again!<BR><BR>Jim Rudnick<BR>

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    If I understand you correctly, your clients want to know if you can sell them server space directly and then take care of direct site management?<BR><BR>Most large hosting firms have reseller plans where you get a certain number of FTP accounts that you can parcel out yourself. Some firms, like MaximumASP, don&#039;t offer this. Interland, I believe, does.<BR><BR>Basically, you&#039;ll have your own virtual hosting company, making a small margin on the price, but more importantly expanding your services offered. Does that help?

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