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    Elliot Guest

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    If I execute an update statement in asp and then want to do a select statement to view the changes made do I have to commit after the update to see the changes. And if I have to commit what is the command, ie:<BR>strSQLstatement = "COMMIT"

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    alf Guest

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    I think it depends on the DB....I use SQL 7 and the commit seems to happen implicitly meaning when something is changed, the commit happens automatically. Oracle may be different and I know that non web based transactions like delete must be committed to the database before the change will be reflected to web users. Again it may be different if the delete occurs through a browser but I doubt it. Update would work the same. The best way would be to run a test.......i.e. do the update, do the select...did you get the expected results? If yes then no commit needed, If no try committing and then the select.<BR><BR>later,<BR><BR>alf

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