Hi,<BR>I&#039;m writing a simple asp shopping cart page - the user can enter values into text box (there are many lines of products - so user can enter quantities into some or all). Each txt box has its own name (product code).<BR><BR>The asp page uses a for loop to iterate through the Forms collection, if a value is detected, the product codem, quantity specified by user and the user&#039;s session Id are inserted into a shopcart db table.<BR><BR>The problem ... I need to validate whether all of the forms collection is empty - ie. if the user clicked &#039;submit&#039; without entering any values - in this case I need to inform the user (once that no items have been inserted into db). I&#039;ve tried building this into the For Next of the processing page, but to little avail.<BR><BR>Any advice?<BR>Many thanks, Dan<BR><BR>code::<BR> Dim Item<BR><BR> IF IsNull(Item) Then<BR> Response.Write("no items")<BR> Else<BR> <BR> For Each Item In Request.Form<BR><BR> IF Item = "x" Then<BR> &#039;do nothing<BR><BR> ElseIF Item = "y" Then<BR> &#039;do nothing<BR><BR> ElseIF Request.Form(Item) = "0" Then<BR> &#039;do nothing<BR><BR> ElseIF Request.Form(Item) = "" Then<BR> &#039;do nothing<BR><BR> ElseIF IsNumeric(Request.Form(Item)) Then<BR> Response.Write (" " & Item & " - " & Request.Form(Item) & "<BR>")<BR><BR> Else<BR> &#039;do nothing<BR><BR> End IF<BR><BR> Next<BR> End IF<BR><BR> &#039;kill the Item variable<BR> SET Item = Nothing