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    This is a repost of a question I asked back on the 16th of this month.<BR>Basically I want to deny browser access to unauthenticated users in a directory on my web server but when I do this then my ASP scripts that access files in this directory through FSO won&#039;t run correctly. My current set up is that I have used the IIS MMC to remove read priveleges from the directory but have givven NTFS permisions to IUSR_MachineName and this allows the FSO to work..the only problem is that now pages contained in this directory that where used for admin purposes like updating the news on my page are now inaccessable. My web page is and the security sensitive documents are stored in a directory names secure ..unfortunatly I use some redirection tools to host my page so don&#039;t try to go to as it will not work. the addy to go directly to the secure folder would be which would yeild an index.html page if it worked correctly..I do know that the FSO enabled ASP pages are working and can be seen in action at ...pretty obvious this is a guestbook. the actual file the guestbook is in is at but if my security is set up right it should be inaccesable.. can anyone tell me how to make pages in my secure directory viewable to HTTP users who are authenticated and make it so the FSO ASP scripts work?.

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    From what you&#039;ve said, I would do:<BR><BR>/secure/gb.txt (full control IUSR_ and the Admin account)<BR>/secure/index.htm (full control IUSR_ and the Admin account)<BR><BR>Then the access on /secure in IIS should<BR>be with Anonymous *un*ticked so that only admmin can<BR>view it via HTTP.<BR><BR>

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