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    How can we read a file existing on the client&#039;s system?<BR>We are using File System Object but it reads only those files which exist on the web server.<BR>Pl help!!!<BR>TOA

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    Default serious security risk

    the user would have to lower their security settings to a ridiculous, irresponsible level to allow you this privelige. so basically, no, without the coperation of the user.<BR><BR>ActiveX and java can do it, as can FSO in IE, but *I* wouldn&#039;t let you.

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    You cannot read a file on available on the client system. You are trying to break the basic security of the client system. It is equivalent to Hacking.<BR>Ok. but if you still need to do it, you need to change certain permission in the client system. i.e. the client has to allow you to peep into his system. Go to Tools --&#062; Options --&#062; Security --&#062; custom level and see for it. <BR>Ok once you have changed it, now how to read ?<BR>Look out for the sample code which uses HTC tag in MSDN. <BR><BR>OK. Best of Luck.

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