I have a page dumping the recordset into an Excel file. When the link is clicked, the "download" dialogue box (standard Windows) appears and asks were you would like to "keep the new file". Just like you would excpect. I am on a T1 line at work and it works great. I am on a DSL at home and have trouble? The dialogue box does not open, instead the "Log-In" box provided by my ISP is displayed? (allowing me access to the "control" panel of my "webroot") If I hit "cancel", the file then downloads but does not ask me "where" I want it, it simply displays an Excel document in the "browser" window? In effect not downloading the file at all? Any ideas why the function works great from work and not at home? I have checked all the "normal" IE settings and verified they are all the same as the PC at work?<BR>Any ideas would be great.<BR>David