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    hit Guest

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    i have been dealing with this problem for the last 2 weeks. <BR><BR>1. Check if you have the same version of ADO on the machine which hosts IIS/PWS and the machine on which u tested the DLL.<BR>if the DLL works fine on VB then gives u an error in an ASP page, then ur permissions are not set correctly.<BR><BR>2. try this instead of Server.CreateObject<BR>&#060;object RUNAT=Server ID=xyz PROGID="project.class"&#062;<BR>&#060;/object&#062; where project = ur VB project, class = ur Class file which u wanna invoke.<BR><BR>IIS Resource Kit has some useful info on &#039Inability to Create Components&#039. Look into that for more details! &#039Debugging ASP&#039 tells you how to set all these in yr global.asa file.<BR><BR>3. run DCOMCNFG using START&#124RUN and see if your permissions are right. go to for DETAILED instructions.<BR><BR>more info email i am fresh with all info as i just figured sorted out my problems with this DLL thingy.

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    Ian S Guest

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    Thanks, I think someone else wanted this info but<BR>Im sure everyone would find this helpful.<BR><BR>Ian

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