I have a table of lanuguages which has langID, langDesc, langETS and active fields. In an asp form, I display all languageDesc (form textfields) together with if they are active or not(checkboxes). <BR><BR>The user can check uncheck a box and set a language active or otherwise. The user can also amend a languageDesc. A active/in-active checkbox has a value equal to langID. So when the form is submitted, I know which languages have been returned. I want to find a way to amend the languageDesc as well at the same time. So in the form, I have name the textfiedl as languageDesc1, languageDesc2, etc..<BR>I want to find out which one has been amended and so to amend only thoes and leave the rest.<BR>Thank you.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Sharjeel<BR>