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    In case any of you run into the error: "There is invalid data at the root level. Line 1, position 1." I&#039;ve found it can be caused by two different things. <BR><BR>1. The TreeView attempting to access the TreeNodeSrc or TreeNodeTypeSrc before the xml has finished being generated (ie. you&#039;re building the xml file on the same page load as binding the TreeView)<BR><BR>2. You have not specified the FULL server path to both files (C:lahlah ...). I made the mistake of giving both attributes the relative path to the files and proceeded to fight with my host because of this :P<BR><BR>Just an fyi if anybody runs into this,<BR><BR>])ry

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    I have had that happen when your xml is bad, or with permission issues. It seems to be almost a catch all xml error for the control.

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