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    Taking your advice (See below) form no.1 was no problem.. but in order to make form no. 2 , I will have to use 2 recordsets as the query that does the evaluation of the shippers is quite complicated.. (for me) and I do not see anyway to incorporate it all into one query. <BR><BR>On the second page, I have all the details of the order and I had planned on having a similar table that I was using with a repeat region with all the shippers options.. but this is basically just the same thing I had before.. at least the same problem with moving the info up to the relevant box. The only other way I could think of doing it would be with check boxes. But this would force the user to go hunt for the shipper in the repeat region and if it was not in the 1st five.. they would have to scroll through the list. What am I missing?<BR>Thanks<BR>Michael<BR><BR><BR><BR>1) Form where the user chooses an order. Selecting an order moves you to form 2 <BR>2) Form shows order details and all shippers which can complete the order, and their pricings <BR>3) Confirmation page. <BR><BR>

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    Default What's the problem with the second form?

    The second form takes the order ID from the first form. It does a lookup in your database for all suppliers who can fulfil the order and their price. Then orders them by the price.<BR><BR>The SQL may get a bit complex here. You might want to post a quick schema of your DB and what the problem seems to be. I have trouble incorporating things into one query, but it can usually be done. It&#039;ll speed things up tremendously if you can, too.<BR><BR>However, once you have that query set up, it&#039;s just a matter of showing the "repeating region", and storing the value they select. Possibly in checkboxes as you mentioned. Then, when the form is submitted to the confirmation page, you have the order ID and the supplier ID available to you...<BR><BR>Craig.

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