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    hi, i have a really long sql statement with sub sql, i am doing this in the queries part and i have to fields with subsqls, i am not working in design view because access then doesn&#039;t except the full sub sql in the field because it is too long but if i work only in sql view then it works great, now all of these sub sql fields i declare with an &#060;field(sub sql)&#062; as &#060;name&#062;, and i would like to know how can i do order by &#060;name&#062; because if i just do<BR><BR>order by &#060;name&#062;<BR><BR>it askes for a parameter for the name i have chosen.<BR><BR>is there a way i can do order by the first field or something without having to write the first fields name or content?

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    Default order by 1 <eop>


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