Does anyone know how to code style sheet info in the head of a page so that it works in both IE and Netscape? I have the code below that is supposed to be included as a .css in a page but I want to move it to the page so that NS users get the page the same as IE users. Thank you for any help.<BR><BR><BR>body {<BR> border:0;<BR> overflow: hidden;<BR> margin: 0;<BR> font: MessageBox;<BR> background-color:buttonface;<BR>}<BR><BR>.brder {<BR> border: 1px inset buttonhighlight; <BR> margin-left: 2px; <BR> margin-right: 5px;<BR> margin-top: 0px;<BR> margin-bottom: 0px;<BR>}<BR><BR>table, td {<BR> font-family: "MS Sans Serif";<BR> font-size: 9pt;<BR>}<BR><BR>input.buttons {<BR> font-weight: normal; <BR> font-size: 8pt; <BR> font-style: normal; <BR> font-family: "MS Sans Serif", Arial, Tahoma,sans-serif;<BR> width: 75px;<BR>}<BR><BR>.dragbar {<BR> background: ActiveCaption;<BR> color: CaptionText;<BR> font: Caption;<BR> border-bottom: 1px solid WindowText;<BR> cursor: default;<BR>}