I have a project to develop an application whereby the client is asked to create a user profile. This user profile will show the normal info such as name, e-mail, address, etc. But, there will also a list of available solicitations that the user can add to his profile. Selection will be made by having the user &#039;tick&#039; a checkbox. When the user does a return visit he can review his selection by first providing his username and password. This username can then be used to create a session variable that queries the database. <BR><BR>Ta da! The user should now be able to view all of his profile, to include the selection of solications that he requested to be added to his profile. <BR><BR>I wish to locate information that provides the methodology on how to use session variables in database queries. Populating the database with his choices is easy -- use a form to add the data into the database. But how does one go about retrieving that information based on username? Session variables for sure, right?<BR><BR>Any feedback is really appreciated...!<BR><BR>Madman