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    I have got a website which is secured and i show tiff images to the user with the help of a tif viewer which the user has to download befor viewing. the folder which i access is not on the same root directory and is on a different drive. the folder in which the tif images are stored is a virtual directory on its own and i access this location in my web pages as http:// &#060;domain name&#062;/&#060;virtual directory&#062;/abc.tif. The page opens up and shows in the viewer. what happens is, the above url is now saved <BR>in the address bar of the client browser. Now the user can access the virtual directory directly without going thru the authentication process set in our web site. any one can view the tiff images by typing down the url and changing the tif file name.<BR>to avoid that we changed the anoymous access to the virtual directory in the IIS and enabled the windows authentication so that only authenticated users will be able to access the folder. but this has affected the code written in the web page. Now when the code for accessing the tif file is executed by the web server it asks for the windows user and password.<BR>i hope the problem is clear now. what i want to achieve is any one trying to access this virtual directory should be asked for the windows authentication and when going thru the website should not ask for the same.<BR>can any one suggest as to how this can be achieved. this has proven to be a potential threat to the security of our web site and needs to be rectified asap. so please help ... !<BR>thanks in advance..<BR> <BR>

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    Default RE: Changing Windows authentication in asp code ve<BR>ASP section<BR>"preventing image leeching with ASP"<BR><BR><BR>

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