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    I am writing an application to catalogue folders and files on a network. It recurses through subdirectories and any inserted disks and stores the filenames in a SQL table. I use an ASP page or Microsoft Access database as the front end with SQL as the back end. That is what the network administrator will use.<BR><BR>For the individual users, they get a web page (ASP) with a search field that will search the SQL tables and tell them what disk or volume holds the file they want.<BR><BR>All this is fine except that the network is a mix of Windows 2000 machines and Macintosh’s. Most of the media being catalogued are Mac file volumes with special characters that only appear on a Mac like slashes and bullets in the filename.<BR><BR>I need to store these special characters in the table and redisplay them on the Search page. I’m pretty much a PC person. At first I used Visual Basic for Applications to use the Filesystem object to return file and folder names. I later moved to making Win32 API calls beause they are faster and I hoped to get Unicode returns from them, but no luck so far. Some of the filename returns treat the special characters correctly and some have the characters replaced by question marks (?).<BR><BR>How can I get these chars correctly? I’ve spent days scouring the web for this solution. There are system services that plug into windows explorer to allow browsing of Mac file systems that show special chars correctly, but I don’t know how to access them programmatically. I know there is Appletalk File Protocol/IP that we can install, but I don’t have those calls either. I looked for Appletalk books or Windows API books that might have functions calls, but without success. Even if I got the special chars, they might not store correctly in a SQL text field. Ideally, I’d like a VBA solution. But I am also proficient in VB Script and might even be handle a Visual Basic, Java Script or C++ solution. Also, I’m going to need to retrieve the Mac Volume information for the files.<BR><BR>How can I get these Mac filenames correctly?<BR><BR>Leo<BR>

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    I sympathise.. for entirely different reasons, the only way we could sort out that issue here is by a Stalinist approach to file/folder naming. Mac users simply had to learn to do it the hard way.<BR><BR>Obviously you can use 3rd party software to translate names and append appropriate file extensions (PC Migrator, which comes bundled with PC MacLan for example) but I&#039;m not aware of any you can customise without infringing copyright. I believe the AppleTalk protocol you can install on Win2K Pro is only for network printing by the way.<BR><BR>Sorry, but good luck

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