I trying to get flash to read the files from my active server page, I have the active server pages outputing the files but the flash movie is not reading them the vars (arrays)<BR><BR>Dim Ename(50),Email(50),output(50),eoutput(50)<BR>Do while not ors.EOF <BR>Ename(counter) = ors("Events")<BR>&#039;Email(counter) = ors("Date")<BR>output(counter) = "&Output["&Counter&"] = " &Ename(Counter)<BR>&#039;eoutput(counter) = "&eoutput["&counter&"] = "&Email(counter)<BR>Response.Write output(Counter)<BR>&#039;Response.Write output(Counter)<BR>Counter = Counter + 1<BR>ors.MoveNext<BR>Loop<BR><BR>How do I send this to the flash movie<BR>Response.Redirect "Scroll.swf" <BR><BR>Flash textbox name is output[0]